Hotsprice as a Brand

Blog 1: Hotsprice as a Brand

Hotsprice, as the name indicates, is a brand, which not only offers you the best price, but also helps you compare the price of products and the features. Along with this, Hotsprice provides different type of bulk products to both government sectors and Private sectors and deals with many different type of services for Government and Private sectors in both Supply and Services available across India.

The Services that Hotsprice offers, ranges from Human Resource, Event Management, Maintenance, Research and Development,

Software IT to RMC.

Hotsprice, as a brand, is consumer centric and provides quick solution to the need of consumers. With products in every industry and an easy to use interface, consumers can easily search for the product and get their needs fulfilled. Hotsprice focuses on the welfare of customers, and keeps in mind the needs of customers, which is why the special feature that Hotsprice offers is that, the customers can offer their own price and thus maintain parity between customers. Instead of sellers dictating the price, we give the authority to customers to offer a price and thus negotiate, which is unable anywhere else. Along with that Hotsprice offers the feature of comparing at the same time, where the users can compare the feature, and make sure to buy the product which is indeed best for them. Thus Hotsprice as a brand, is for the customer and by the customers, which works on the motto of “Compare karo Kam pay karo”.

Along with this, Hotsprice is also a bulk product provider to government and private sectors, being a brand that covers both consumers and wholesale sectors. Hotsprice also deals with the services of Government Sectors, these sectors include

  • Human resources: Hotsprice provide services for recruiting, talent management, data analysis, employee sentiment prediction software, payroll, and overall human capital management (HCM).
  • Event Management: We provide services for event management, entertainment, promotion, and association management services.
  • Maintenance: We provide services for preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, scheduled servicing, testing, and component replacements, and the operation of building mechanical and electrical systems. Hotsprice offers a wide range of operations and maintenance services to ensure the efficient functioning of the systems.
  • Research and Development: We provide services in areas of regulatory, clinical, preclinical and strategic product development. Our specialty is in the area of navigating new products through the regulatory approval process. Our regular customers value our FDA. We offer top of the line equipment to our customers.
  • Software | IT Infrastructure and Maintenance: From IT strategy consulting and comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions, Intellect soft delivers full-cycle software development services that adapt seamlessly to your project requirements and business needs

Along with all these, other services that Hotsprice deals with in is, Import and Export, Machinery

Problems that Hotsprice Solves:

  • Availability : It is indeed hard to get all the product and services under one roof, Hotsprice in its effort to bridge this gap has cascaded all such services and products under one platform, and thus helps the consumers to find anything and everything under one platform
  • Price Barrier : Hotsprice aims at removing price as a barrier, and thus has come up with rather innovative method eliminate it, by giving the customers the right to dictate price, by initially offering the price.
  • Brand Exposure:  Brand means trust, trust means reliability. Hotsprice as a brand, aims at being a brad that cares for its customers, and thus values quality over quantity and being one of the top leaders in the field, Hotsprice is quite trustworthy
  • Feature of Comparing: Hotsprice in its effort to make things easier for consumers, has come up with the feature of comparing, where the customers can compare the features with the other products and hence choose the product which is right for them.

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